About Us

At IDM Property Solutions, we offer fixed rent packages to help landlords make the most of their properties, and provide quality homes for professionals trying to make it in the bustling city of London.


We want to help landlords who may have had unfortunate experiences or challenges while letting out their properties and give them a solution which saves them from stress, saves them time and saves them money.


This is done by us signing a management agreement with you, the landlord, so that we essentially become your tenant, paying you an agreed fixed rent every month for the duration of the contract! No fees, no hidden charges, no commission, just simple passive income sent directly to your account every month without you having to lift a finger.

Under our care, your property will be updated to our required standard and then we rent out the rooms to vetted professionals, managing everything from finding tenants, dealing with blocked toilets and anything else in between.

Working with us means that you can kick back and relax spending your time on things that are more important to you knowing that your property is being well looked after by a reliable team and that your rent will be rolling straight into you account each month - even if the property is vacant, we will pay you. 


There are already too many challenges in life, our homes shouldn’t be one of them. So IDM Property Solutions aim to make things simpler for landlords and tenants alike.


You can find out more information on our How We’ll Help page. Or give us a call now so that we can give you more details on this fixed rent package and answer any more questions that you may have with no obligations or expectations from you whatsoever.